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Refer to the Washington State Department of Health for information regarding what vaccines and dosages are required for your child to attend school.

Students entering the Dieringer School District may start school with submission of one of the 

  • complete medically-verified immunization records
  • a completed Certificate of Exemption
  • medically-verified immunization records with dates showing the student is working toward full vaccination, AND the minimum time between vaccines has not lapsed.

Medically-verified records are defined as either the Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) obtained from the Washington Immunization Information System (WAIIS), with the word "COMPLETE" on it, or a blank hard copy CIS form completed by a parent with vaccination records attached from a health care provider. Students who are considered homeless or are in foster care may enroll with incomplete records while working on obtaining needed records or vaccines. Military families have 30 days after enrollment to comply with vaccination requirements.

Immunization Requirements

Family Immunization Records

Register for MyIR

Families may register to access their students' medically verified records from the Washington Immunization Information System.