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Traversa Ride 360

The Traversa Ride 360™ web and mobile app for Apple® and Android® devices can help ensure that your students never miss the bus again. This portal allows parents and students to access their own secure data for bus stop location, route, and pick-up time. Dieringer School District buses are equipped with Tyler Telematics GPS™, Traversa Ride 360 can use GPS geolocation to let users know when to expect their bus each day.

Please keep in mind that the App will update the arrival time as the bus is traveling and will change as a result of traffic conditions, weather, connectivity, etc.

Note: There are many variables that can cause the user to see errors in the App.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Cell signal and/or Wi-Fi connection on the user’s device can affect the data that is received to the App.  
  • If the school bus loses connection to the Cell Signal for any reason, it can affect the information received in the App.
  • Traffic, connectivity, and/or weather can affect how well the App updates.

If you suspect your App is not working correctly, first make sure that you have a good cell or Wi-Fi connection. Then try using the App for a few days, and if you are still experiencing problems then contact us at Transportation 253-862-6703.

Parents and students register with the Traversa Ride 360 web or mobile app and then access their student information using the app or web portal. Setup and management are simple, and with routing information easily accessible by parents and students, parents will have less need for phone calls to the school office. If parents are at work while students are waiting for their bus, parents will be able to see when the bus arrives at their stop.

In a nutshell, this App will show you what time your students' bus will arrive at the bus stop, within a minute or two. The App can also show you whether or not your student scanned on or off the bus. If you need more information, you are welcome to call the Dieringer Transportation Office at 253-862-6703, and we can look it up for you.

When you install the App on your device (Cell, Tablet, PC or Mac) the App will ask you for information about your student that only you will have. This is a security feature the App uses to keep your student information safe. Only you, or those you give permission to, may view your student’s data.

You will need the student’s name and ID number that is assigned to your student through Skyward (10 Digit Number Located in the “Other ID” box). If you need help accessing this information, you may call the School Office or the Transportation Department for assistance.


Select image to view full PDF instructional guide for Ride 360.

First page of the PDF file: TraversaRide360UserGuidesFlyer