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Required Documents

Enrolling in the Dieringer School District requires the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Immunization Status - (see our health services page for more information)
  • Proof of Residency; either a deed, lease, mortgage agreement AND two of the bulleted items:
    • Current Property tax bill (addressed to residence address)
    • Current Redacted 1099 or W-2 (amounts & Social Security number blacked out)
    • Current Government correspondence
    • Two consecutive months of the same utility bill dated within the last 3 months (either water, sewer, gas, electric or garbage; the mailing and service address must be the residenceaddress)
    • If you reside in a rental property please submit 2 months’ receipts or cancelled checks, or online banking proof of lease payment

*State law requires that a student reside within the District boundaries and be able to prove residency or have been approved for a Choice Transfer/Inter-district Transfer (these documents are also required for Choice Transfers) in order to enroll in school.


  • Two emergency contacts, including phone numbers

If your child has a life-threatening condition including allergies, asthma, diabetes and seizure disorders, contact the district nurse before the first day of school. The nurse will confirm all medications, medical supplies and healthcare provider orders are in place. Please contact: Terry Woodall, RN

Residency defined

The address where a student spends the night a minimum of 4 nights out of the week. For your student to be enrolled, you must establish residency within the boundaries of the Dieringer School District. To establish a student’s residence, the parent/legal guardian must supply documentation as listed above.

Please Note:  You may alternatively present the original requested document(s) to the school office if you are unable to upload this required documentation. Copies will be made and the original documents handed back to you. If you cannot supply the documentation listed in either option, contact the Office Manager at your school. Enrollment will not be complete until all required paperwork is completed.

These documents will be uploaded into Skyward Family Access when enrolling your student.

Office Managers

Dieringer Heights Elementary School

Rebecca Gerspacher
Office:  253-826-4937

Lake Tapps Elementary School

Kristen Espy
Office: 253-862-6600

North Tapps Middle School

Julie Sherman
Office: 253-862-2776