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Skyward Information

What is Skyward Family Access?

Family Access is a web-based component of Skyward, our student database system. It enables parents to be proactive members of their child’s educational team. School newsletters and messages from individual teachers are available on the Family Access home page. In addition, guardians have access to:

  • Student Info: View address, phone number, and emergency contact information.
  • Attendance: View absences and tardies recorded for your student.
  • Food Service: View food service purchases, payments, and track lunch account balances. Subscribe to email notifications when your child’s lunch account balance falls below $3.00 (on the My Account page).
  • Health Info: View the immunization records on file at school. Individual Health Plans for specific students can be accessed here as well.
  • Gradebooks (Grades 4 – 5): View your student’s current grades and assignments for each enrolled class. Subscribe to email notifications when your student has a missing assignment or a grade below a certain percentage (on the My Account page.) Grades for 6th – 8th graders are available in Schoology. More information about Schoology will be provided to NTMS students and families.
  • Portfolio: View report cards here. Report cards are posted at the end of each grading period (quarter or trimester).
  • Academic History: See a record of your student’s grades over time.
  • Test Scores: View standardized test scores.
  • Discipline: View discipline records, if any.
  • Schedule: See class schedules for NTMS students.

What is Skyward Student Access?

Students in 4th through 8th grade have access to the some of the same modules as their parents. Student Access user names and passwords will be issued at school.



On a yearly basis, families are asked to update important information about students. Login to your family account and click on the "Annual Update" tab to update your information in skyward.