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February 2022 EP&O, Tech, and Capital Levies

Local Funding

  • Local funding accounts for roughly 21% of our operating costs
  • Local funding is needed because schools in Washington State are still not fully funded
  • Local funding fills in the gaps where state and federal funding fall short



Overall Tax Rate Remains

the same in 2023

With passage of all three levies, overall tax rates remain historically low in Dieringer.

The Big Picture

Taxes in 2021

  • $2.15 of EP&O
  • $0.69 of Tech
  • $2.07 of bond
  • $4.91 Total


Taxes in 2022

  • $1.85 of EP&O
  • $0.58 of Tech
  • $1.62 of bond
  • $4.05 Total


Taxes in 2023

  • $1.85 of EP&O
  • $0.56 of Tech
  • $1.46 of Capital
  • $0.18 of bond
  • $4.05 Total

We are aware that there is a typographical error on a mailer that some of you will be receiving this week about the upcoming levy on February 8.

We apologize. The total for the 2021 tax amount should read $4.91. This is the corrected flyer as a PDF or you can view the images below.